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A Team With Clinical

and Educational Expertise


Rebecca Miller

Owner and Managing Director

Rebecca Miller is an entrepreneur that has built her career by offering educational services to individuals that require specialized interventions.  Prior to opening FixLexia, Rebecca owned and managed a private tutoring company that served nearly 3,200 students in the Omaha Metro Area. Over the past 12 years Rebecca was able to secure contracts with school districts and state agencies to include DHHS, State Probation, Vocational Rehabilitation as well as contracts with private families. Rebecca has experience working with students from public school, private school and post secondary.  She has provided consultative services to public and private schools. Her most recent consulting project will be to assist a private school to implement a K-2 Dyslexia Screening Protocol. Additionally, Rebecca participated in the drafting of a Dyslexia bill that will be introduced in the Nebraska Legislature by Sen. Patty Pansing-Brooks in January of 2017.

A cumulative effect of having collaborated with various educational professionals, clinical professionals, parents and most importantly students Rebecca found otherwise bright and capable individuals struggling to read, write and spell. It was in her desire to understand "why" these individuals struggled but more importantly, what could be done to improve these student's skills. The wanting to know the why students struggle to read lead her to a decision to serve individuals with dyslexia and other reading related disorders. 

After nearly 2 years of researching and planning, FixLexia became a reality. A reading clinic that focuses on evaluation and intervention for those affected by dyslexia or other reading based disorders. If you ask Rebecca she will tell you "Owning and Managing FixLexia has provided me with an opportunity to see on a daily basis that individuals with dyslexia can (and do!) thrive when they have access to the instruction they need. Opening FixLexia has been professionally the best decision I have ever made. The thrill of helping people who have for years struggled to read and spell become confident readers and accurate spellers is nothing short of watching a miracle." FixLexia's team of professionals are dedicated and committed to helping struggling students succeed.

In addition to her responsibilities at FixLexia, Rebecca is a Board Certified Educational Advocate (BCEA). The BCEA training provided her with in-depth knowledge of special education and how to effectively support parents when advocating for their children in an educational setting.  Additionally, she participated in a two-year mentorship program with Dr. Lewis Romano, an expert in Special Education Law.  Rebecca is a  member of the International Dyslexia Association and past board member of the Nebraska Dyslexia Association.

With support of her husband Mark, Rebecca is grateful for the opportunity to serve and support others to achieve their educational goals and dreams. 

Jacqueline Huscroft-D’Angelo Ph.D.

Director of Academic Programs and Quality Assurance 

In addition to Dr. D'Angelo's responsibilities at FixLexia, she is also a research faculty member within the college of Special Education and Communication Disorders at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).  As a member of FixLexia's clinical team Dr. D'Angelo completes evaluations and develops individualized programs of intervention. Dr. D'Angelo also provides QA monitoring for all programming offered at FixLexia. Prior to her position at UNL, Dr. D'Angelo was at Texas Christian University (TCU). While at TCU, Dr. D'Angelo managed a large professional development project aimed at enhancing teachers' knowledge and practices for supporting individuals with or at-risk of disabilities in inclusive settings. Her primary role was to evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of this professional development model. Furthermore, she collaborated with a large urban district on Response to Intervention initiatives including building capacity for sustainability of the program within the district, disseminating information, training staff, and evaluating fidelity of implementation of program components across campuses. As an extension of this project, she worked with targeted buildings to strengthen core instruction in literacy by training teachers on foundations of the English language, spelling and the connection to reading and writing achievement. This work has been supported by and in collaboration with a national dyslexia expert, Dr. Elaine Cheesman. Dr D'Angelo has worked on several federally funded projects focusing on various aspects of special education including using technology in mathematics for students with learning disabilities, communication in mathematics for students with disabilities, mathematical reasoning, reintegration and aftercare for youth at-risk or identified with disabilities in out-of-home placements. She has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses related to supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings, professional collaboration, research methodology, and the social/emotional development of students with disabilities in addition to several guest lectures. She has presented at several national conferences and published on various special education related topics.    Jacqueline and her husband Louis are active in the community, but most of all they enjoy spending time with their two children Gabriella and Giuliano.

Elizabeth Andreasen, M.S., CCC-SLP

Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to FixLexia. For more than 20 years she has served school aged students in her roles of speech language pathologist, special education teacher and most recently as a reading interventionist. Elizabeth has extensive experience in evaluating and treating students with communication disorders and learning disabilities.  Her vast knowledge base has allowed her to work and collaborate with other educational professions to serve students preschool through high school. Elizabeth's intense interest in language and literacy drives her to continually learn about reading assessments and researched based interventions. 

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Arts, Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire), a Master of Science, Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Graduate Special Education Endorsement, Mild-Moderate Disabilities from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Elizabeth also holds a Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Elizabeth holds professional memberships in the following associations: ASHA, International Literacy Association, International Dyslexia Association and the Nebraska Dyslexia Association. 


Instructional Staff

We are updating our staff profiles, and will be posting their bios shortly! FixLexia has six Reading Interventionists on staff.

Our instructional staff are referred to as reading interventionists because each is skilled at uncovering the layers which exist with reading difficulties. All interventionists have received foundational level training in core reading deficits as well as evidence based reading interventions. Our staff members are avid learners when it comes to developing their knowledge base and their instructional skills. While skills and knowledge are vital to helping children to improve their literacy skills; compassion, patience and a sense of humor is what our students love most about our instructors. We take our mission seriously, but we enjoy having some fun along their way.

Rebecca Bowman, Curriculum Supervisor

Rebecca Bowman received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Dr. Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. With more than 26 years of teaching experience Rebecca has worked with students pre-school thru the eighth grade. Rebecca has taught in a wide variety of settings including public school, private school as well as homeschooling her own children for four years. Rebecca is a lifelong learner. In every state she lived (Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois) Rebecca made certain to attend seminars, workshops and classes offered by the local college or university. To sum up the importance of learning to read Rebecca says, “Every child needs that extra, individualized attention in an environment conducive for learning. When a student finally unlocks the world of reading, the child experiences added joy and success in every aspect of school.” Rebecca is a volunteer for Project Harmony. Rebecca and her husband, Robert, have three grown children and have resided in Omaha for the past 15 years.

D’Arcy Goodrich M.A.

D’Arcy Goodrich received her BA in Elementary and Special Education (K-12) from Nebraska Wesleyan University.  While working on a multidisciplinary assessment team at Meyer Children’s Rehabilitation Institute, she earned an MA in Special Education and an endorsement in Reading from the University of Nebraska - Omaha.  She began a career as an elementary special education teacher in Omaha where she later specialized in co-teaching with elementary classroom teachers.  D'Arcy took pleasure in showing special education students they could be successful in a regular classroom setting.  During that time she also completed an MS in Educational Technology from Lesley University.  She was honored as the ARC Teacher of the Year in 2008.  D'Arcy has additional training in LiPS, Visualizing/Verbalizing and Seeing Stars, programming that can be used in addition to Orton-Gillingham interventions. D'Arcy enjoys the results of 1:1 intensive intervention, as do her students.   For the past 30 years D'Arcy has also been the volunteer coordinator for Project Explore, a non-profit summer camp program for special needs students, in collaboration with YMCA Camp Kitaki.  D’Arcy enjoys technology, traveling, reading, gardening, and currently has two special needs cats - Mr. Wobbles and Happy Girl.